Illustrator Ryan Bussard and the Art of Not Overthinking

Ryan Bussard is a filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles, but he also creates delightfully dark, witty, and simple illustrations. These creations have tickled Walter the Fish’s fancy for a while now, so we tracked Ryan down to ask a few questions.

WTF: Describe the evolution of your illustration style and the accompanying captions.
RB: illustration style has always been low-brow art. It was only a few years ago when I started accompanying text with my work.

WTF: Which comes first, the illustration or the caption?
RB: The mood actually comes first, then the illustration, and then the caption. Sometimes, I think of the caption when I’m in the middle of drawing a character actually.

WTF: Are there other illustrators you admire?
RB: Ralph Steadman, Raymond Pettibon, and Toshio Saeki are probably my top three illustrators I admire.

WTF: Do you have any plans to publish a printed collection of your drawings?
RB: I really want to make a zine and maybe one day a book!

WTF: At the moment, what are your two or three favorite illustrations?
RB: If it would to be my own personal work, that would be hard to choose. I do love drawing some repeating characters; Satan and aliens mainly.

WTF: Do you have any plans to print more T-shirts of your “Call 666 for a Good Time” illustration?
RB: I have a lot of extras of the “Call 666 for a Good Time” Shirt, but I have been trying to focus on putting together an art show. Shirts used to be something I was truly into, but I have focused on other tasks.

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Instagram: @ryanbussardart

7 years ago