Vicious Gambling Agreement V1.2.1

The game Vicious Gambling Agreement has been updated to 1.2.1 and released updates: 1: Add new stories to the game part, add friends; 2: Solve some problems in the game, for example. B problems with using the Xbox hand; 3: Improve the quality of the game; 4: Update some game icons and sound effects; Finally, the game has not been updated anymore! Resources of the network, copyright belongs to the author, only to learn communication, if you wish, please really support. The floppy disk/magnetic link is hidden, please follow the instructions to get a great update with a WeChat scan code By: Vicious Gambling Agreement Game Update 1.2.1 released on Friday, March 6 In the old century, aliens lived in harmony with humans in a chaotic world passed with joy, sadness and anger. But an unexpected event caused the whole world to collapse: the sky was shining and black smoke was coming out of the ground. This strange scene, which no one has ever seen, happened, and suddenly the quartet mingled in furious sounds, all kinds of killer sounds, sword sounds, desperate cry, blood tainted the whole world; Angels have long ruled the world and led it to ignore the power of the devil that has long been under the net. Angel bewitched for contempt for the devil, negligence of the bewitched devil, and finally the devil`s trap won and agreed to play. Not only did a fighter who was fighting during the war stay awake, but he miraculously gained great strength, and beyond the struggle, he didn`t know what else to do in this desperate world and what to do next, but there was a mysterious force that always led him forward. “game functions” means the difficulties encountered are specific; dark fantasy style; Demons activate the punishment system for players in combat; The gameplay is mainly about weapons and most bosses for the cycling war, step by step the demons that challenge the demons to dominate the world. Specialty: Add weapons to improve the attack. Angelic Shield: Surround the magic shield around your body to improve your defenses.

Demons and angels give you the special ability to choose the fight from which you can choose to use the magic values. Game weapon: swords and shields, weapons can be found in the game scene to get a more powerful power. 1. Decompression 2. Load Mirror 3. Install Game 4. Copy unencrypted patches under the PLAZA folder in Game Catalog Overlay 5. . .


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