Texas Pay Agreements

The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) provide additional protection for workers over the age of 40. These protective measures oblige employers to adjust their redundancy payments for workers over 40 years of age. Global or global competition bans involving key employees can be enforceable if they are related to legitimate business interests, employees` obligations include significant exposure According to a Texas Workforce Commission fact sheet, certain types of severance pay agreements can undermine an employee`s eligibility in the event of termination of employment, including, for example, “unilaterally offered severance pay”. Often, in a given sector, professionals may choose to unite as a union and negotiate together the terms of their employment contracts. State law prohibits public employees from negotiating collective agreements. Have you learned that you will probably be fired from your current position and therefore expect a severance package? It`s important to learn more about termination agreements in Texas and understand what a termination agreement is and how it can affect you. A “duty not to compete” or “non-compete clause” is a contractual provision of employment in which a worker agrees not to compete with an employer in a given profession or trade once that person`s employment relationship has ended. Employers and workers should recognize that competition bans (also known as Covenants to not compete) have legal limits.

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