Ssh Rental Agreement

It is only when coronary heart disease leads to a completely new and unforeseen situation that the university may consider this to be an out-of-control circumstance. This may be the case, for example. B, if the institution must completely terminate the teaching before the expiry of the lease and put an end to all alternatives. International students at the University of Groningen have the opportunity to arrange accommodation for their first year of study through Short Stay Housing (SSH) or sugar Homes. They are two independent organizations separate from the University of Groningen. In order to facilitate international accommodation for students, the University of Groningen has booked part of the offer with SSH and Sugar Homes. If one of these rooms and studios is rented to a student, or if they are evacuated prematurely, they must be paid by the university. It is therefore not possible to terminate an SSH or Sugar Homes rental agreement prematurely in certain circumstances, and this only if the university is authorized. A legal action would be an option in this case, says Leeuwsma. Last year, the court ruled that a 10-month contract for the Upsilon apartment in Paddepoel is considered a regular rental agreement. While GSb is pleased with the measures taken by the SSH, Leeuwma points out that short-term contracts remain undesirable: “Students are stuck with these contracts and cannot go to the rent committee.” Please note: The following reasons (z.B.) are not considered valid reasons for terminating an early rental contract: noise problems, distance between accommodation and campus, problems with roommates, complaints about accommodation, extracurricular activities on site (this is a personal choice) or searching for new accommodation earlier than expected. In case of (medical) problems, questions or disorders, a solution is often possible via SSH or sugar houses. Please contact the Housing Officer for your accommodation.

Any request for early termination of the lease due to personal circumstances should contain documentary evidence for trial by the University of Groningen. Please note that registration does not mean that you can book another room. Registration simply allows you to take the time to check SSH`s accommodation offers so you can make an informed decision when it comes to booking and booking your room. Once a room is booked, the rental agreement can only be terminated in extreme circumstances. As we are not able to offer rooms to all our international students, some students have to look for a room in the private market. Take a look at more information on alternative housing in Rotterdam or to learn more about Rotterdam`s neighbourhoods. It is important to note that rooms are allocated based on the “type of residence” and “sex” you indicated at check-in. This means that the rooms you see in the offer vary depending on these options.

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