Mandatory Services Agreement

You may provide other clearing services as long as it does not affect your ability to provide PSPs. Mandatory services are specific services that states must cover for certain categories of Medicaid recipients, adults and children under the age of 21. 4.3 The Licensee represents, warrants and undertakes to include the mandatory terms of use (“Mandatory Terms”) set out in point 4.4 below in the terms of use (“Application Terms of Use”) that govern the use of its applications by subscribers. These mandatory terms of service are a minimum amount of provisions and the licensee may have more comprehensive terms of use of the application. The lessee may modify the terms so that they meet the conditions of use of the application. If licensee submits a paid application, that application is approved by Zendesk and the licensee follows the necessary registration and listing steps contained therein and communicated to the licensee, the licensee may list the paid application on the marketplace and charge subscribers for the purchase of the paid application. Royalties collected on the sale of the paid application from the licensee (“purchase fee”) must be processed through the payment settlement account for which the customer is registered as part of the list of the paid application. The purchase costs are paid by the subscriber to the lessee through the liquidator. The purchase costs are transferred to the liquidator`s account in accordance with the terms of the agreement between the lessee and the payment provider. Zendesk reserves the right to charge licensee, at its discretion, royalties relating to each aspect of the marketplace, either as licensee at the time of the paid app listing or notified to the licensee within ten (ten) days.

The continued listing of the paid app on the Marketplace after notification of Zendesk`s collection of such royalties is considered consent to the collection and collection of such royalties. Mandatory services provided by providers in mobile units for Medicaid recipients may be limited by the Agency. Mandatory services include inpatient services, outpatient inpatient services, and a number of infant and child services as part of early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment services. 14.2 This Agreement constitutes, together with the Privacy Policy, the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. The failure of either Party to impose any provision of this Agreement at any time shall not constitute a waiver of that provision or any other provision of this Agreement. Applications: web services or software, applications or themes, whether paid or not, developed by the Licensee and which use or interact with the API or interact with the Services and are authorized to be published under this Agreement. When it comes to actual cost services/organizations, you`ll find that ICASS is largely a voluntary system, but there are two mandatory services that everyone must accept – they are Basic Package and Community Liaison Function (CLO). 3.3 Licensee`s applications must not essentially reproduce the products or services offered by Zendesk, including but not limited to features or customers on platforms (such as iOS or Android) on which Zendesk offers its own customer or function. Subject to the above sentence and the other rights and obligations of the Parties under this Agreement, each Party agrees that the other Party may develop and publish applications that are similar or concurrent with the applications of that Party.

Applications must not use or access the API or a service to monitor the availability, performance, or functionality of any API or service or for similar calibration purposes. Depending on its size and location, a power plant may be required to provide CFP.

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