Isv Partner Agreement

When writing your partnership agreement, you must provide your application name and a description of your application`s service options. This is very different from what you will eventually make available in your Public AppExchange entry. Some partners who are navigating this process for the first time see this as an opportunity to enthuse Salesforce with marketing messaging, or, worse, they may not have a good understanding of their skills and leave the description too vague to get an idea of what it actually does. Salesforce takes security seriously when it comes to apps that are allowed on AppExchange. The partnership agreement should therefore not be surprised that safety and compliance are also at the centre of the concerns. There are two areas where compliance can slow things down. Experienced and successful in developing and making applications based on Progress technologies, Premier`s partners enjoy advanced advantages that grow their practice and integrate different deployment models. This week was the first part of our Road to the AppExchange Series. We cover the most important themes that partners need to know to get to market in a timely manner on the AppExchange and, at the same time, make the most of Dreamforce 19 and beyond. This 8-part series runs from June to October, and the full schedule is available here. The first is your business model and who will sell your app. Most partners will only consider direct distribution, but for long-term partners, they may consider an indirect distribution channel. Any entity considering indirect sales must have a clause in its partnership agreement that accepts indirect sales.

In addition, every reseller in your app must be approved by Salesforce. The approval process must be incorporated into your launch plans to ensure that you do not miss important milestones. For the first time in our series, we reviewed the partnership agreement process with Salesforce. Doing your partnership agreement correctly is essential because it creates the necessary conditions for your entry into the market. and unless you`ve already experienced it, there are Gotchas on the way that you can really slow down if you`re not careful. We brought together Sean Hogan, CRO of CodeScience, and Melissa Burnell, Director of AppExchange Partnerships at Salesforce, to share a master`s session to accelerate your partnership agreement.

6 months ago