Coalition Agreement 2010 Summary

A “significant” funding bonus will be introduced for children from poorer backgrounds, encouraging schools to welcome them and providing them with more resources than they can devote to them. In schools, new providers could enter the public school system, where there is a demand that schools enjoy greater freedom through the national curriculum and that schools be “held accountable”. The parties would wait for Lord Browne`s proposals for higher education to conclude that the Liberal Democrats will be able to abstain if they do not like the proposed changes (i.e. if there were to be an increase in tuition fees). The coalition of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats has published its government programme. Here are the most important details, with some analysis from the BBC`s policy research unit. The border is carefully worded to refer to non-EU economic migrants, to assure ethnic minorities that it will not cover the much larger number that comes to Britain for family reunification. The agreement acknowledges that the coalition has not yet worked out how the border will be implemented. Further improvements are promised in the asylum system and, in the area of equal rights, there is a small victory for Lib Dem, with the ban on the deportation of asylum seekers persecuted for homosexuality or lesbians.

The Coalition Agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats (officially known as The Coalition: Our Programme for Government) was a policy document drawn up after the 2010 general election in the United Kingdom. It was the mandate of the Cameron-Clegg coalition, the coalition government made up of MPs from the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats. [1] [2] [3] The original agreement, published on 12 May 2010, stated that it “would be followed, in due course, by a final coalition agreement covering the whole policy and which would include foreign, defence and domestic policy issues” that were not addressed in the original agreement. David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Theresa May and Vince Cable held a press conference at the UK Treasury to unveil the final coalition agreement. The final agreement is based on three core values that both sides share: freedom, fairness and responsibility. . . .

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