Bectu Lighting Agreement

The implementation of the PACT/Bectu TV Drama Agreement on 1 December 2017 set the tariffs for each of the agreed budget bands. The agreement applies to jobs managed by PACT members. If you work for a non-PACT company, we advise you to use this document as a guide to negotiate the best possible offer. If you have a question about the agreement or would like to report violations or abuses, please email If you have a question about the agreement or would like to report violations or abuses, please send an email to These are the latest price cards for intelligence in film and television. The film-ratecard applies to films with budgets of £30m and above, below £30m and below 10m. The prices of films with a budget of 30m and more should be read in conjunction with the new agreement on great films, which was adopted on 2 April 2018. While other sectors have recommended conditions and rates, it is important to remember that bectu Lighting Technicians have a real agreement with the Advertising Producers Association. The full agreement can be viewed by clicking on the link below on the page or on the De Bectu website. You can print and keep your own copy. Please get to know each other thoroughly, the above points are explained in more detail in the full document. Award for the work of lighting technicians on major feature films, as agreed by PACT and BECTU.

The agreement sets rates for 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2020-21. With the prior agreement of thugs and electricians, Charity Commercials can benefit from a reduced daily allowance. These are the rates recommended by Bectu for lighting technicians who work on advertisements. The current fare card, which contains guidance on performance conditions, will apply from 1 July 2018. Bectu`s Lighting Technician Establishment only recognises the maximum daily APA rate of £361.00 for 10 hours for all commercial content. Most companies continue to pay this rate and recognize the agreed position. If you are asked to work outside the recommended price, please contact the union immediately. Send the details to 07918 053 984. You can also call 020 7346 0900 or email Lighting console operators should also see the variety-specific document below.

Please also follow the link for pricing details: The collective agreement between Bectu and UK Theatre applies to most commercial theatres outside London. Below you will find the minimum staff prices. Please note that the subsistence minimum has been increased to £140.00 (with effect from 1 April 2017). Below are the modified tour allowances for employees working on opera and ballet productions from 3 April 2017 and the latest UK Theatre/Equity/Bectu rates for lighting designers, set and costume designers and resident designers for 2017-2018. A new agreement has been reached between Pact and BECTU for the payment of lighting technicians. This will apply from 1 April 2018 to all major films with budgets exceeding £30 million; The rates are set for the three years up to March 2021. These rates of pay are to be read in conjunction with the new condition agreement for the Major Motion Film Agreement, which was introduced on April 2, 2018. To support OverTime`s calculations at +£30M Major Motion Pictures, the Committee compiled a PDF with prizes for shooting and rigging crews. The new agreement was implemented on 2 April 2018. BECTU recommended that lighting technicians who work on advertisements be paid. “These are the conditions recommended by the APA with regard to commercial production and an agreement with BECTU regarding electricians.” The BBC has reached an agreement with Bectu that covers the essential interests of all freelancers working on BBC productions. The framework agreement was concluded in April 2010.

These documents contain information on the minimum rates applicable to Continuing Drama Series and Series and Serials on April 1, 2018. . . .

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