Auto Repair Partnership Agreement

3. CAPITAL. The capital of the partnership shall be contributed by the members in cash as follows: a separate capital account shall be kept for each partner. None of the partners may withdraw part of their capital account. At the request of one of the partners, the capital accounts of the partners shall be kept at all times in the proportion in which the partners contribute to the profits and losses of the company. Both Parties accept this Agreement as the only legally binding and enforceable document and all statements or agreements issued by either Party outside of this Agreement shall not enjoy any privileges with respect to this Agreement. Allen had spent most of his career as executive vice president of IT for Fidelity Insurance in Boston. He grew up with vintage Mercedes as a hobby and still owned one, which he frequently took to a local European repair shop, Hatch & Sons. Allen Owen, a service writer at Hatch & Sons and a marketing graduate from Boston College, and Penney, a young technician who recently graduated from school.

By the signature below, [Customer.Name] indicates the approval of the services and rates listed in this Auto Repair Agreement. Likewise, they approve the full conditions of this treaty, without exception. Before opening their doors, Allen said he understood that they had to establish a formal partnership agreement. As the three partners have different experiences and points of view, it has sometimes proved difficult to agree on decisions. In particular, the decision whether or not to base part of their business model on vintage cars has totally divided the partners. [Customer.Name] thus guarantees that they have the rights and legal authority to authorize repairs to the aforementioned vehicle, either because they own the vehicle, they are authorized by the rental agreement, they have the written consent of the owner of the vehicle. [Customer.Name] accepted [Company.Name] and instructed to carry out the necessary repairs mentioned below, as well as to carry out appropriate road tests. The only way to get a tailor-made partnership contract (which any partnership really should have, not just any form), must be mandated by a lawyer to create it for you. A good business lawyer will sit down with you and your partner and learn something about your business and the business relationship between the two of you and make a deal that really works for you. A good lawyer will also discuss with you options other than partnerships, for example. B an LLC or S-Corporation that could be better suited to your business.


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