Aaa Credit Card Agreement

How can I save money if I rent a car with my card? Your card is a prepaid card that allows you to access the money loaded from your card account. You should treat your card with the same care as cash. We advise you to sign your card if you get it. This card is intended for personal, family or household use and not for commercial purposes. Your card account is not a checking or savings account and is in no way linked to any other account you may have. The card is not a gift card and is not intended for gift purposes. The card is not a credit card. You will not receive interest on the credit on your card account. We may close your card or refuse to process transactions that we believe are contrary to the terms of this Agreement or constitute illegal or fraudulent activities. You are responsible for notifying us immediately of any changes to your address, telephone number or e-mail address.

If your address changes to an address outside the United States, we may cancel your card and return money to you in accordance with this agreement. b. Account closure You can close your card at any time by contacting customer service. Your request to close the card does not affect our rights or obligations under this agreement prior to the request. If your card account is closed, we will give you a credit for unpaid credits, subject to the fees indicated in long form. We reserve the right to close your card account if you contract or attempt to enter into any of the prohibited acts of this agreement. Primary Card Account Loading: You can add money called “loading” to your primary card by loading: (i) Automated Clearing House (“ACH”) (for example. B direct deposit); (ii) charge money through one of our charging locations (a list is available under; (iii) Load money through the AAA club where you purchased the card. In the table of limit values below, you will find restrictions in terms of quantity and frequency for different loading methods. A fee may be charged for each load, as indicated in the long form. If you send money from a third party directly to your primary card via ACH cargo, you must register with the third party by providing the bank code and direct deposit account number we provide to you. The only federal payments that can be uploaded to your primary card via ACH credits are federal payments to the primary cardholder.

If you have any questions about this request, please contact customer service. We reject all charges that exceed the maximum credit on your card. There are also maximum load limitations that we can place on your primary card if they are aggregated with other cards you have. You agree to present your card and meet the identification requirements to perform loading operations that are necessary from time to time. Please note that money cannot be loaded directly onto secondary cards. Secondary cards are only used to access funds on the primary card`s main account.

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